We analyze your technical drawings and focus our engineering expertise on creating added value by reducing the cost and increasing the quality of your products. Productivity reductions can be materialized through continuous improvement which is one of our core values.

We prevent occurrence of potential issues by using AutoForm simulation software to simulate stamping processes and to predict material behavior.

The result of over 30 years experience and continuous improvement is a clear Zero PPM culture that makes Manesa a reliable supplier. Our focus on prevention is in line with our IATF certified quality management system to assess risks and assure first time quality. In case of issues, we make sure to respond fast and to implement adequate containment measures without delay.

We strategically envision long-term relationship with world class customers. Well known companies such as BRP, Robert Bosch, Honeywell, Philips, Osram, ZF, Valeo and others, have been partners of Manesa for several decades. We truly cherish the long-term relationships which our customers and we understand that it requires continuous investments of time and efforts. Of course we are open to explore engagements with new potential customers, but our main focus is on vertical growth rather than horizontal growth.

Manesa’s tool and die shop started off in 1988 from a German apprenticeship program. Well over 100 years of combined experience and continuous improvement make our tool shop unique in Mexico. Whether you want to find a new home for your existing dies or have new dies designed for the stamping project that you want to award to Manesa, we have all the equipment and experience in-house.