As a strategic partner that knows the specific requirements of its customers, we will assist in selecting the right processes for the fabrication and the assembly of all the components. Regarding assembly processes, Manesa has MIG weld robots, spot weld, rivetting and tox centers and machines to insert pems, studs and nuts. After assembly we can apply e-coat or powder coating with our in-house paint lines, or offer all kinds of plating finishes through our approved supplier network.

About 20 years ago Manesa used to assemble high volume desktops for IBM by means of tox buttons. Tox, as a lower-cost alternative to welding, is a mechanical way to assembly metal components. Our founding engineer used to proudly say that Manesa was the pioneer to introduce tox in the computer manufacturing sector, because we suggested the engineering change to IBM and afterwards the other computer OEMs copied it from IBM.

Other capabilities